Broadband Moves WV Forward

As of 2021, at least 30% of West Virginia’s rural homes and businesses lacked adequate broadband. I’m working every day to fix that problem.

Economic Development

Broadband not only connects West Virginia to the world, it connects the world to West Virginia This means global access to markets for West Virginia’s existing businesses, and the infrastructure needed to create new businesses that we have traditionally lacked.


High speed Internet offers the promise of remote instruction, shared instruction and a wide range of educational materials available online. Far too many of our students have lacked the resource of having the world’s greatest library in the palm of their hand. Bro


Telemedicine can change healthcare in rural America for the better. It lets doctors quickly get health records and use video calls to talk with patients. It also helps in emergencies and allows for virtual visits with specialists. All of this happens in real-time, right from the patient’s home. This makes sure that people in rural areas get the best medical care possible.

Broadband In The News

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