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Efficient Government

“The government in business may waste time and money without rendering service. In the end the public pays in taxes.”

– Henry Ford


Waste. Waste has traditionally been known as synonymous with government. Coming from the small business sector, I am constantly focused on finding the best return for any money spent. Charleston needs that same mindset.

The state auditor seems to find instance after instance of inefficiencies. I will work to streamline government from Charleston down. Agencies must share information with one another more effectively. I will work to leverage technology at every level to find new efficiencies in government. We must operate this state like a business.

At the heart of all of my decision making and at the core of any proposal I make will be the concept that none of the money we appropriate belongs to the Legislature. I will remember that our tax revenue comes from the fields of the farmer, the soot on the face of the miner, and the blood, sweat, and tears of the small business owner and his or her employees. I will always advocate for spending your tax dollars as you would spend them. I will remember all of the hard work – the late nights, the early mornings, and the long hours that produced these tax dollars. While the Legislature convenes in a comfortable chamber, I will remember the men and women who produced the money we spent whose office was a hot summer day outside spent in a field or a mine. These taxes would never have been collected if not for those out in the cold, the heat, the rain and snow. They wouldn’t be here without the entrepreneur risking it all to start his or her own business.

For these reasons, I will work to rid waste, fraud, and abuse from our government. Doing so will allow us to free up room in our state’s budget, lower taxes, encourage growth, and realize more and better services from our government.

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